Russian Language and Literature

(a) Completion of four years of the Russian language, or equivalent for those who enter with a high level of fluency.
Native and heritage speakers of Russian who place out of the standard Russian language courses may be required to substitute the following courses:

  • UN3430x Russian for Heritage Speakers, I.
  • UN3431y Russian for Heritage Speakers, II.

Native speakers who place out of the Heritage Speakers classes are exempt from the language requirement, but must take at least two 4000-level courses taught in Russian as part of their electives.

(b) The following three courses, which are required for all Russian Language and Literature majors:

  • UN3220x Literature and Empire: The Reign of the Russian Novel.
  • UN3221y Literature and Revolution: Tradition, Innovation and Politics in Russian Culture.
  • UN3595 Senior Seminar for Russian majors.

(c) At least four additional courses in Russian literature and culture, including at least two courses with required reading in Russian.

Note: All courses should be chosen in close consultation with the student's major advisor.