Major & Minor Requirements

Major and Minor Requirements

Four majors are available to students in the Barnard Slavic Department:

Humanities track:

  • Russian Language and Literature
  • Slavic and East European Literature and Culture (Czech, Polish, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Ukrainian)

Social Science track:

  • Russian Regional Studies
  • Slavic and East European Regional Studies (Czech, Polish, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Ukrainian)

Prospective Slavic majors are encouraged to consult with a member of the faculty as early as possible in order to determine the major track that will best serve their background and interests.

Barnard students may also minor in Russian, which requires a total of 5 courses beyond the second-year language level.

For more detailed information, including a sample four-year class schedule for the Russian major, see the "Undergraduate Programs" pages on our main Department website (

Senior Experience
Barnard College has a long-standing commitment to preparing students in the major so that they may undertake a capstone project. All Barnard seniors are required to complete a senior project or thesis. Senior projects or theses represent the culmination of academic work in the major. They allow students to develop records of individual research that include theoretical engagement in the major discipline, the development of creative projects or research, and original empirical and interpretative analysis. The form of the senior requirement may vary across majors, but the most common forms are the senior thesis (one or two semesters), supervised original research in a lab, a final creative project, and/or research that has been completed within a dedicated senior seminar.